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Marta Lett 

I am an Australian woman of Celtic heritage. I draw inspiration from the women in my family and the natural world. I am an artist, designer and tutor in hand crafted lettering design, Celtic art, drawing from nature, painting in watercolour gouache and acrylics, inks, gilding, mixed media, printmaking and pyrography onto paper, canvas, glass, wood and gourds.


Through studying calligraphy and associated arts I discovered the beauty of working with watercolour gouache and pigment inks on rag papers, parchments and vellum. I favour these though also play with mixed media works, layering acrylic backgrounds with lettering and design overlaid in watercolour gouache and highlights of raised gold leaf. I use acrylics and mixed media on canvas and glass, as well as dabbling in printmaking, and pyrography on gourds. My tools of choice are very fine pointed brushes and calligraphy pens with square-cut metal nibs, pointed nibs, ruling pens, hand-cut reed pens and writing implements made from found objects. Lifelong I have loved drawing with soft colour pencils and find they are very versatile for creating detail images of our wonderful birdlife as depicted in my body of work on threatened species of Australian owls.