Jools Bloom

The intention behind my painting is to experience the medium in a way that allows for the natural flow of cause and effect. It is the very act of doing that enables me to move forward and unlock what the painting has to say.

The physical engagement of being in the painting (as Pollock once described it) is my sole purpose. At its best the moment is pure and without hesitation. I continually play with (and unfold) new relationships between texture, line, colour and scale of mark.

I build and I erase. I readjust, I superimpose. I structure then I break down the structure.

I loosen gestures, and then I tighten them.

Generally speaking, I have no fixed game plan. Certainly there are preferences of mark-making and surface treatments, but I don’t draw or design paintings first. I would rather let them take me on a journey and see where the destination ends.