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John Osmond

Starting with the day my mother placed a Box Brownie in my hands when I was six years old, I’ve had a love of photography. Later helping my father in his darkroom I learned about the volatilities of chemicals and the handling of negatives. In the early years I borrowed his Nikon FT2 before purchasing my first SLR, the Nikon FG. I captured family, friends and the landscape around Albury/Wodonga.

My aspirations tend toward capturing the light in the landscape and conceptual photography. The Southern Riverina, just across the border of Victoria has a diversity that is eye-catching; fast flowing creeks and the broader Murray River.

Some of the world’s greatest photographers inspire me: Ansell Adams, Edward and Brett Weston, Max Dupain, Francesca Woodman, Olegas Truchenas and Peter Dombrovskis; to the contemporary masters – Christian Fletcher, Richard White and Mark Grey.

Imperative to my work is the journey. It is the combination of so many things; being in the right place at the right time, even if it means leaving home before dawn and returning after dark. It is the concept of an image, research and planning, finding form and texture, the balance of light and shadow, and a hard won technique that facilitates the realisation of a job well done, a picture worth the effort.