how to exhibit 

GIGS Art Gallery provides both exhibition and consignment gallery spaces for artists in North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales. The gallery offers two exhibition spaces, including a large Main Gallery and small Side Gallery.

How to Apply

We accept exhibition applications all year round from our member artists. If you are not currently a member of the gallery please contact the Gallery Coordinator to discuss your application. If you would like to become a member of the gallery please see our Membership page. We always welcome new members!


Please download the Exhibition Application Form (opposite) for your application. You are also required to include the following supporting information:


  • Artist Statement (for individual artists only)

  • An outline of the group and its objectives (for group exhibitions only)

  • 4 JPEG photographs of artworks that reflect the artwork in the exhibition

Forward your application and supporting information to the Gallery Coordinator at:


GIGS Art Gallery, Gateway Village, Lincoln Causeway
(Tuesday to Saturday, 10am–4pm)

OR email to:


For more information and enquiries please contact:


Kim Nelson-Thomson

Gallery Coordinator

Phone: 02 6021 3073



Exhibition Spaces



Dimensions (in cms): 800L x 700W x 310H approximately

Lights: adjustable lights running the length of the room and in the centre, focusing on all walls

Floor: Carpet tiles

Suitable for large exhibitions



Dimensions (in cms): 600L x 300W x 230H approximately

Lights: fluorescent running the length of the room

Suitable for smaller exhibitions



PLEASE NOTE: This floor plan is not to scale. Dimensions are approximate.