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Allan Wright

I had moved into a retirement village in Albury and was looking for something to occupy my time when a friend suggested that I take up painting

When I was young I always dreamed of becoming an artist but the pressures of life had prevented me from pursuing this dream so now was the opportunity. I joined a seniors painting class and learnt how to use acrylic artists paints.

With this knowledge I set out to teach myself more about painting. That was almost five years ago and I will be 90 in October 2020, and I’m still painting.

I have had three solo exhibitions and would have had a fourth if the corona virus had not intervened.

I specialise in paintings and pencil drawings of animals although I paint anything that attracts my attention. I love painting and experimenting with different media with acrylic on MDF board being the majority of my work.

At present I am kept busy with pet portraits.